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Frames that capture the sun

Solar Aluminium Frames

Vishakha Solar Aluminium Frames are designed & manufactured to provide structural support to PV Modules. It provides necessary stability to the overall combination of Glass, Encapsulant, Solar Cell and Back Sheet. We always use High quality raw materials. We have largest anodizing plant of India with 32 tanks. 
  • Aluminium alloy 6063, 6005 Al-frame
  • Customized 15+ micron anodizing thickness
  • Temper: T5-T6
  • Recyclability & Cost-effectiveness
  • Lighter in weight compared to other materials (Steel etc.)
  • Long life expectancy
  • Stringent quality and reliability checks
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That's how we encapsulate the sun


Encapsulant sheet is copolymer resin used to encapsulate solar cells. It protects the cell from jerks and shocks, thus increasing the life of solar cells by preventing oxygen and other gases from oxidizing the cell.


  • Exceptional solar transmission
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent adhesion with Glass and Back Sheet
  • Superior dielectric properties
  • Water/vapour resistant
  • Quicker lamination

On both sides of the solar cells, thus ensuring their protection

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That's how we protect the encapsulated sun
Back Sheet

Back Sheet acts as the first line of defense for solar modules and hence it protects the panel from mositure, physical/electrical shocks and UV rays,
which increases the durability of the panel. It also lessens the partial electrical discharge and thermal degradation.

Product Types

Acts as a back layer of solar cell array, thus enhancing their protection

  • High UV resistence
  • Excellent moisture protection
  • Superior electric insulation
  • Thermally stable


IP67 su geçirmez ve toz geçirmez

Largest space in India for capturing the sun



India's largest greenfield solar glass manufacturing plant at Mundra is being set up for this project. The facility will be commissioned in the next 12 months, with a phase 1 capacity of 3 GW. This initiative is a Joint Venture between Vishakha Renewables and Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS), which is India's leading next-generation integrated glass manufacturing company.

This ambitious production capacity is a humble attempt to support India achieve a target of 450GW renewable energy by 2030.

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